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How to Use your Opener Properly

How to Use your Opener Properly
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One of the more costly investments for enjoying the workings of an automatic door is investing in a door opener that is of high quality and good value. To be able to maximize the value of such an expensive investment, learn to use and maintain it properly. We will give you notes on that and more in this article. First, let us introduce you to the varied choices that are available in the market today.

The Garage Door Opener

How to Use your Opener ProperlyThe opener mechanism could make or break your heavy door’s operation. That’s why it is very important to invest in a unit that suits your home style best without really hurting the budget. You have three options.

The oldest opener unit is the chain drive opener. It uses a chain that’s similar to those used in bicycles. When it is worked up, it slightly sags, which causes much of the noise. Although it is cheap, most people would not prefer having a door operator that sets off an uproar every time the door opens or closes.

The belt drive mechanism is at the opposite end. It is of the newest opener systems available and is fairly costly. Since it uses a belt to pull the trolley, it hardly emits noise. This is the ideal choice for those households with a bedroom adjacent to the garage.

In the middle of the two is the screw drive opener. It is in the middle of the two other choices in terms of noise and price. This type performs pretty well but be mindful that lubrication maintenance is recommended every six months.

Aside from the type of mechanisms, openers also vary according to the locks that secure them. Newest models are powered with a remote and a wireless garage door keypad. If yours have both, ensure that proper maintenance care is followed. Codes in your wireless keypad must be changed on a regular basis to ensure that people don’t break into it. If your codes have been stolen or someone unauthorized broke into the combination, our experts in Garage Door Repair Bountiful recommend having it changed to prevent unwelcome guests within your estate.

How it Works

Unlike the common impression, it is not the opener that is doing the heavy lifting of the panels but the springs. The door opener is there to provide merely the automation of the motor so the door comfortably opens and closes to seal off your carport. The operator is connected to all the other moving parts through the drive mechanism, for the opening and closing.

If a breakdown occurs, it is not the opener that’s solely to blame. It may have a hand in part but understand that others, especially the springs could be the root cause of the trouble. Torsion coil trampoline springs and other types built in your unit are cut out usually for only 10,000 cycles. Depending on how heavily used your unit is, broken spring replacement might be required to put it back on track.

In terms of safety, openers that are run by remote controls are considered most secured. It was not the case decades ago when burglars were able to eavesdrop on the codes using radio scanners. However, since newer models are powered with a rolling code technology, code grabbers will have a difficult time breaking through billions of combinations.

Garage openers are very important for convenient and comfortable access. If you want to enjoy the workings of a rollup garage door, make sure to keep your operator working smoothly. Learn their proper usage and routinely provide maintenance service.

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