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Garage door safety

Do not leave openers in an unlocked car and make sure that your opener has the feature of automatically changing the codes in case of an emergency situation. If you have a wall-mounted door opener, place it where children will not be able to reach it. Educate kids on garage safety.

Maintaining garage door opener

Check its reversing mechanism for safety assurance. Make sure you do force adjustments if the season changes because according to our specialists, garage doors require more force during winter than summer. Clean all parts and apply the right lubricant to make the opener function smoothly at all times.

Invest in the accessories you need

Today, garage door opener accessories are very helpful but get the advice of our professionals and invest in devices you really need. Although a backup battery is useful to everyone, installing a device for operation via internet if you never move from the house is a luxury.

Know the advantages and disadvantages of your new door

If you intend to get sectional doors, our garage door specialists suggest that you should study its boons and banes. Be aware of the torsion springs that come as a standard for their operational set-up and realize that they can be quite a hassle to troubleshoot without the aid of a garage door repair expert.

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